More Adventures

More Adventures is a therapeutic resource to support expansive conversations about being trans and exploring gender. Using trans history to connect people to broader understandings and ways of being trans, to examine the intersections of gender and sexuality, to build resilience and allow people to be the best versions of themselves.

The resource consists of 12 Adventures each of which is a themed collection of conversation prompts, exercises, images, historical material and oral histories which provoke conversation and exploration. Each Adventure builds more possibilities for reflexivity about gender and connection to wider trans communities and ancestors.

Clicks on the cards to explore the Adventures.

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This resource is devised and written by Amanda Middleton and Jason Barker and is designed by Zed.

Amanda Middleton (she/her) is a queer family systemic psychotherapist working with queer relationships and families. She lectures across the UK and is a trainer, supervisor and consultant on all things therapeutic and queer.

Jason is a filmmaker, writer, occasional actor and sometimes stand up comedian based in the West Country.

Zed is the creative lead at They Them Studio a queer design company based in Hastings.


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