Hopes for the future. Imagining as a tool for escape and building.

“…you say that DREAMS have no power here?”

The Sandman, Neil Gaiman

Laverne Cox talks about possibility models, people who show us that what we dream can become a reality.

One of our interviewees told us about the first trans woman she’d heard about:

“The year was 1952. And Christine Jorgensen, who was one of the first transgender women… back in those days, she was called a transsexual woman. She had her operation. And the news of this was… the headlines were sort of inches deep, you know… it was the first time, there were other people before her but they’d flown under the radar to a large extent. Christine Jorgensen was the first one where it was really really sort of, broke the headlines..I just knew that I wasn’t a boy and I identified more with girls. I knew that there were people in the world who had started off as boys and then they’d actually become women. Because of the case of Christine Jorgensen.”


What of the way you are could someone else take as permission to be more themselves?

What do you hope for the next generation? Could you hope for that for yourself too?

What’s the soundtrack to your dreams? You could make a playlist to support your daydreams of who you might be or are becoming.

Exercise – Vision boards

Day dreaming, wild imagining and visioning what might be.

As well as picturing your dreams in your mind it can be useful to see what you imagine laid out before you. Some people think that a really good tool for turning your dreams into reality or manifesting the future you desire is a vision board. There is something about seeing your dreams visually that can help set them in motion. 

You might like to create a vision board of what you hope to see in your future or certain goals you have.

Vision boards usually consist of images, quotes from people or personal mantras, ephemera, blocks of colours and photos. You can create these collages by cutting out images from magazines, newspapers and zines, or you can use a Pinterest board or specialist web app. 

Add in any words or images that represent the future you want to see for yourself or show success in you achieving the goals you have. You might include people that have beaten the path for you, hero’s and icons, or images that evoke the kinds of feelings you wish to experience in the future.


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