Complete list of wormholes that are currently open

Oral Histories – Clips from interviews and intro by Bon O’Hara

Names and Labels – Illustration by Wednesday Holmes

Erasure – Kuchenga talks about the erasure of trans histories and trans lives

Orlando – Holly James Johnson, photos by Henri T Art

World Genders – Illustrations by Soofiya

Ancient Worlds – The stories of Iphis and Megillos – Kate O’Donnell

Bodies That Qweer – Images and text by Del LaGrace Volcano

The Suitcase – What will we leave for the trans people of the future – Illustration by Fox Fisher

Labels Timeline – A history of modern western gender and sexual identity labels

A Medieval Soap Opera – A poem for Clarinde and Blanchandrin(e) – Mud Howard

Toilets – Not another talk about Toilets – Francis Ray White lectures from the loo

Bryher – Monkeys’ Moon – Lost soundtrack by Am Stubberfield

The Institute – Overview blueprint of the rooms at the Institute of Sexology

The Clinic – Juno Roche writes about the clinics and transness

The Museum – E-J Scott talks about lost trans histories and only getting one side of the story

The Club – Libro Levi Bridgeman takes us for a spin around the Eldorado Club

The Lecture Room – Sabah Choudrey talks about the importance of telling our stories

The Domestic Space – Jenny Anne tells us about her community house in Rhyl


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